Dog Grooming Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

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Dog Grooming Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

Dog Grooming Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

5 April 2023
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If you are a new dog owner, grooming them is very important to keep them looking and feeling their best. There are some grooming processes you can accomplish on your own in the comfort of your home, while others are better off handled by a professional. Here are some procedures to handle on a routine basis to keep your pet properly groomed.

Keep Your Dog's Nails Trim

Over time, your dog's nails will grow and become uncomfortable for them to walk upon. If your pet's nails curl down toward the pads of their feet, they can cause pain to occur. It is best to perform regular trimmings to keep the nails at a reasonable length. When you notice your dog's claws are clicking upon floors or asphalt surfaces when they walk, it is time to trim them. Invest in a set of dog clippers to keep on hand. These are purchasable at pet supply shops. Only trim the nails at the points to remove sharp tips. If you trim off too much, bleeding can occur. Many dog owners forego nail trimming on their own and rely upon a professional dog grooming service to handle the task.

Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat

No matter what type of fur your dog has, it needs to be kept clean so your pet avoids ingesting bacteria, debris, or parasites. Make sure to provide your dog with regular bathing sessions. This can be performed in the comfort of your own bathtub, using warm water and appropriate dog shampoo. If your pet takes medication to keep fleas and ticks at bay, do not use a shampoo with parasite prevention ingredients as they may counteract with pills, chews, or topical treatments. 

Rinse your dog's coat with warm water and apply the shampoo directly to their fur. Rub it into their coat well and rinse out with warm water afterward. Make sure to dry your dog thoroughly with a clean towel or a hair dryer on a low setting. Afterward, comb or brush your dog if it has longer fur to remove any matting.

Tend To Your Dogs Teeth

A part of dog grooming is caring for your pet's teeth. Dogs can suffer from tartar buildup just as people can. Because of this, it is important to brush your dog's teeth regularly with a pet toothbrush and paste. Check your dog's teeth for signs of breakage during cleaning sessions and reach out to your vet if you notice a problem. Dog dental treats also work well at removing tartar.

For more information on dog grooming, contact a professional near you.

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