Five Fun Doggy Toys That You Can Make Yourself

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Five Fun Doggy Toys That You Can Make Yourself

Five Fun Doggy Toys That You Can Make Yourself

27 April 2017
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Give a dog and your canine companions something to keep them busy and entertained. Instead of hurrying out to buy the latest toys and treats, create something yourself that will occupy your pets and that costs very little, some requiring only a tennis ball and an old clean sock! Try making these to give away as gifts to other furry friends, too!

Five fun toys that you can make for your canine from simple items around your home are:

A simple cereal box

Toss a few treats inside a cardboard cereal box. Tape the box up and give to your dog; he will enjoy figuring out how to get the box open to access the treats inside. This toy is great for curious puppies.  

A bottle of treats

Put a couple dog treats inside a 16-or-20-ounce plastic bottle; slide a clean tube-sock over it and knot it at the top. Your dog will love the sound that this treat bottle makes as they sniff and try to access the goodies inside. These make a fun addition to a gift or basket of treats for friends' or family members' pets during the holidays.

Snuggly fleece toys

Even if you don't sew, it is easy to make a fun fleece toy for your dog using a tennis ball and a piece of fuzzy fleece. Wrap the ball and enclose by tying string tightly around, leaving the fleece ends free. Cut the ends in strips, braid or knot for a toy that will entertain pets for hours.

A rambunctious tug-toy

Use an old cotton sock for a clever tug-toy that any dog will love. Place a tennis ball in the toe and tie above the ball to secure. Your canine companion will love challenging you in tugging this flexible toy, and it is also a fun toy to toss to give your pet plenty of exercise.

The simple knot

Save your old socks and tee-shirts to make a simple knot chew-toy for your dog. Simply tie in a single large knot in the center of a strip of fabric, and let your pet enjoy!

Try making these simple doggy toys from things that you have lying around your home and crafting closet. These are fun projects, and your pet will enjoy playing with and sniffing at these DIY ideas. Consider whipping-up a few to give as gifts to other pet-lovers for their own canine companions! For more information, check out Love & Care Pet Salon

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